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Vintage Rose Monogram Set

Create a one of a kind jewelry set with the Monogram Collection components!
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Skill Level: Beginner


Other Supplies
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23813 Pendant Metal N
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23847 Pendant Cameo P
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23861 Charms - Flower Cab/Lotus/Fleur
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23863 Charms - Bee/Flower/Cameo
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23865 Necklace - Tiny Flattened Round
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23866 Bracelet - Wire Bangle
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23872 Beads - Pink
Plaid® The Monogram Collection™ 23874 Beads - Naturals
Rhodium jump ring
Rhodium ring blank
Jewelry glue
Pink rhinestone
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers


Note: You can find the Monogram Collection at select JoAnn's stores near you!

  1. Use pliers to slightly open large loop on bracelet like a jump ring
  2. Feed metal flower charm, rose cameo charm and opalescent bead into the loop
  3. Use pliers to close loop
  1. Use pliers to bend bottom part of frame on the cameo pendant down slightly, just enough so a jump ring can fit through the loop.
  2. Use rhodium jump ring to attach pearl and pink beads.
  3. Slide small end of chain through the jump rings on top of metal pendant, cameo pendant and pink bead.
  1. Remove jump ring from fleur de lis charm.
  2. Place charm on work surface face down.
  3. Apply a small amount of glue to back of charm, press ring blank into glue and allow to dry.
  4. Once ring is dry, flip it over and glue rhinestone on top of hole in charm, allow entire project to dry for 24 hours.
Project Tip: While gluing it is best to allow the project to dry for 24 hours. If it is an awkward shape that keeps moving and sliding out of place, use tape to keep the components in place while drying.
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