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Silkscreened Butterfly Cups

By: Sherrie Ragsdale
Sherrie Ragsdale
Sherrie Ragsdale
I have always loved to draw and paint but I didn't really throw myself into it until after I had my first son.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom and at the same time be able to decorate the new home we had just purchased. I taught myself how to use power tools and began to build furniture which I would paint and sometimes sell.  What was once a hobby became a new part-time career which I feel so blessed to be able to do.
Personalizing has never been easier than now. Making a special glass for that special moment using Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paints and Adhesive Stencils is not only quick, it is also easy to create! Change the look of ordinary glass to extraordinary by embellishing with painted stripes and icons.
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Skill Level: Beginner


PLAID Supplies
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® Patterning Tape
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Gloss Opaque Glass Paint - Habanero
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Gloss Opaque Glass Paint - Beetle Black
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® 2oz Metallic Opaque Glass Paint - Antique Pewter
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Spray Paint Kit
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Paint Dauber and Roller Set, 6pc
  • Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Adhesive Stencils - Typewriter Alphabet
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Other Supplies
Brush basin or container for water
Paper towels
Rubbing alcohol
Foam plate


Thoroughly wash ceramics in warm soapy water; rinse well and dry. Moisten paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe cleaned ceramics to remove any residue. Allow to dry.

Project Painting Instructions:

1.      Using scissors, cut apart silkscreen designs following printed lines.

2.      Peel silkscreen from backing sheet; set backing aside for later storage.

3.      Position silkscreen on ceramic surface where desired; press in place.

4.      To create the ombre look shown on some of the mugs, use the pouncer technique in the General Silkscreen Instructions below. Begin painting at the top of the butterfly with Pollen, then add Geranium and finish with Habanero.

5.      Follow the General Silkscreen Instructions to paint additional butterflies Pollen, Geranium and Habanero as desired. Change the angle of the butterflies for a more natural look.

General Silkscreen Painting Instructions
  1. Apply paint through silkscreen using either the Squeegee Tool or Foam Pouncer Technique.

  2. Squeegee Tool Technique – Squeeze a small amount of paint onto solid edge of silkscreen.  Holding squeegee tool at a 45° angle with light pressure, pull the paint across the opening of the silkscreen.  Continue painting until the entire design has been silkscreened.  Place squeegee in water container to clean. While paint is still wet, carefully peel away silkscreen from the project.  Be careful not to drag the silkscreen to avoid smudging the painted design.

  3. Foam Pouncer Tool Technique – Squeeze a small amount of paint onto foam plate.  Load the flat edge of the pouncer with paint by dabbing into the puddle of paint.  Dab a few times more on a clean spot on the foam plate to ensure the pouncer is loaded properly.  Holding the pouncer like a pencil, dab straight up and down over the silkscreen opening. Continue until the entire design has been painted.  Place pouncer in water container to clean.

  4. Continue silkscreening designs until desired effect is achieved.  NOTE:  When repeating a design, it is best to clean the silkscreen between uses. Rinse in water and allow the silkscreen to dry thoroughly.

  5. Set completed project aside for 1 hour to thoroughly dry.

Curing Instructions:
Projects painted with Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paints should be cured to increase the paint’s durability.  Follow either the Bake to Cure or Air Cure Technique.  Note: Use only the air cure technique when using glitter paints. Glitter paints should not be baked.

Bake to Cure Technique – Place dry silkscreened project into cool oven.  Set oven to 350°F and bake for 30 minutes. Do NOT place project in a hot oven.  Painted projects must heat gradually with the oven to avoid breakage.  After 30 minutes, turn off the oven.  Allow projects to cool completely in oven.  Wait 72 hours before using.

Air Cure Technique – Air dry completed project for 21 days before using.
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