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FolkArt ® Outdoor™ Acrylic Colors - Brush On - 2 oz.
Perfect for any outdoor surface, this rich, self-sealing paint delivers unmatched performance...
FolkArt ® Outdoor™ Acrylic Colors Paint Sets
FolkArt ® Outdoor™ Paint Sets are perfect for small projects and gift making. Sets range from...
FolkArt ® Outdoor™ Acrylic Colors Flow Medium
FolkArt Outdoor Flow Medium thins paint for easy stroke work and control, without diluting...

FolkArt Outdoor

Paint your outdoors pretty with FolkArt® Outdoor! Featuring inspiring colors in a high-hide, self-sealing, weather-resistant formula, FolkArt Outdoor is perfect for painting flowerpots, birdhouses, mailboxes, patio décor and more.  Specially formulated with a durable protective finish, your projects stay as beautiful as the day you paint them.
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FolkArt Outdoor- An Introduction featuring Donna Dewberry
Donna Dewberry shows you how to make outdoor craft projects with FolkArt Outdoors.
FolkArt Outdoor FAQs
Most commonly asked questions about FolkArt Outdoor Paint.
FolkArt Formula Guide
Crafting a new surface? Learn which FolkArt paint works best!
Popular FAQs
Absolutely. FolkArt® Outdoor™ is formulated as a permanent outdoor paint. It is both UV and weather resistant. Self-sealing when properly cured, (48 hours for brush-on, 72 hours for dimensional) it is scuff and scratch resistant under normal handling conditions. FolkArt® Outdoor™ dries to a satin sheen.
No, unless used on a water saturated surface, such as a bird bath. The FolkArt® lacquers are ideal for outdoor use and are compatible with FolkArt® Outdoor™ paint.
For outdoor use, use FolkArt® Outdoor™ colors. For indoor use, and of our all purpose craft paints, like FolkArt® or Apple Barrel® will work great.
48 hours.