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About the Author

Ed Roth

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Ed Roth founded Stencil1 in 2004. Many, including Martha Stewart, The New York Times, ReadyMade, and Country Living, have praised his iconic, reusable stencils. Stencil1 stencils can be used to paint walls, T-shirts, furniture—anything you want! Ed has done customized DIY events for clients such as Etsy and The Gap. He also does large scale stencil installation work for the Ace Hotel NY and Benjamin Moore among others. Ed lives in Brooklyn, New York with his dog Larry where he designs product for Stencil1, creates custom installations, and curates DIY events. Ed also focuses on his own artwork in his free time.
DIY Scallop Headscarf April 20 2014

DIY Scallop Headscarf

  Headscarves are a great way to make your hair look incredible, even when you've only spent 5 minutes getting ready before running out the door. We used our new Stencil1 scallop pattern to make ... [More]
Star Pattern Wooden Box April 12 2014

Star Pattern Wooden Box

  Finding the best way to store your things can be a little tricky sometimes. Especially because you want storage that does more than just hold things, you want storage that accentuates your spac... [More]
Pattern Play: Patterns In Home Decor April 5 2014

Pattern Play: Patterns In Home Decor

I love pattern. I use it my painting, I  use it in my home décor. Here are 12 images of patterns in my home in Brooklyn.    Hand stenciled Chain repeat pattern pillow   Han... [More]
DIY Stenciled Nautical Onesie March 29 2014

DIY Stenciled Nautical Onesie

Stenciling clothes is one of our favorite things to do at Stencil1. Our new Stencil1 stencil line with Plaid features designs that are great for layering and a perfect way to put a spin on a stenciled... [More]
Cherry Blossom Pin Board March 22 2014

Cherry Blossom Pin Board

Corkboards are awesome because they can be great functional pieces of art. They take on paint really well and serve as a great surface to pin your daily reminders on. Not only will you be on top of ev... [More]
London Calling March 15 2014

London Calling

Stencils are a great way to customize your favorite objects and make them look unique and interesting. We had a lot of fun personalizing our guitar case and giving it more of a punk-rock look. The possibilities are endless when customizing! [More]
Stenciled Kids T-Shirt with Stencil1 March 8 2014

Stenciled Kids T-Shirt with Stencil1

Our Asian Dots stencil is a 6 by 6 pattern stencil featured in our new Stencil1 stencil line with Plaid. We love this stencil because it is a beautiful traditional pattern, often seen on Japanese kimo... [More]